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by Gary Lloyd Gottlieb, Q.C.

Gary Lloyd Gottlieb, Q.C.

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There are many benefits of retaining a good real estate agent.  He or she will show you comparative listings, both historical and current, and help you arrive at a realistic listing price to attract potential buyers, rather than scare them away.  Your agent will ensure your home is widely listed and publicized to sell for the best possible price.  Finally, he or she will help you negotiate a fair and firm deal.

The full services of a real estate agent, however, come at a hefty price.  In Ontario the full service price is usually between 5% and 6% of the sale price of the home.  If you are willing to sell your own home you can avoid paying a real estate agent's sizable commission.

A real estate agent will save you time and aggravation, but if you are willing to spend the time yourself and are prepared to negotiate with potential purchasers, I can advise you, step by step, on selling your own home.  While you will pay me for my services, my fees will usually be substantially less than the commission you would pay an agent.  Generally, the higher the sale price of an owner-sold home, the higher the saving.

If you want to sell your own home, you can make an appointment to see me for an initial interview.  At that time you should bring all the information and documentation you have for your home, including, if you have them, the lawyer's reporting letter and enclosures you received when you purchased the property, copies of the deed/transfer and any mortgage(s), your most recent mortgage statement(s), any survey of  the property, the last tax and utility bills you paid, and your current home insurance policy.

I will be happy to assist you with regard to the sale of your home, whether you wish to use a real estate agent or sell it by yourself.

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